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The Eurasian Bullfinch – Tropical Colors in a Northern Bird

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: September 29, 2009

Most of us associate brightly colored finches with warm climates, and indeed the vast majority of popular cage birds do hail from the tropical and sub-tropical regions. However, one of the most beautiful of all finches is native to temperate and downright cold areas of the world. Ranging across most…

Finch Facts – the Natural History of Popular Pet Birds

Relevance: 36%      Posted on: March 23, 2010

When ornithologists use the term “finch”, they are usually referring to birds in the Family Fringillidae.  However, the “finches” kept by pet owners are more often of the Family Estrildidae – the waxbills, weavers and sparrows.  Today we’ll take a closer look at the Family Fringillidae, the True Finches. Classification…

The A&E Double Flight Cage: How Much Room Does a Finch Need? Part I

Relevance: 19%      Posted on: July 6, 2009

It seems to me that finches are often “short-changed” when it comes to cage space. Their small size, especially when compared to other pet birds, seems to pre-dispose hobbyists to providing equally tiny living quarters. But the facts that a bird “fits” in a cage, and can move about somewhat,…

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