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Humidity and Dust: Improving Air Quality for Birds and Bird Owners


Overly-dry indoor air is a common throughout much of the US, particularly in the colder months when naturally arid air and house-heating systems are both at work.  Bird and human skin can suffer as a result.  Daily misting of your pets can help, but in some cases it might be wise to consider a humidifier.  Zoo Med’s Habba Mist  is ideal… designed for use with pet birds and reptiles, it has 4 different interval and spray duration settings and is easily moved from place to place.

The fine powder down produced by cockatoos (including the cockatiel) is a quite necessary grooming aid but can pose a health concern to people with allergies or compromised lungs.  Feather dust can also be a concern with other birds (i.e. the African gray parrot), especially if large numbers are kept. Installing an air purifier can make a great improvement in indoor air quality…even if you are not overly sensitive to dust, you will likely notice and enjoy the difference.


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